Champion Eyes has been steadfast in its dedication to traditional martial arts, self defense and weaponry. The skills learned through training are used to strengthen our students both in and outside of the dojo. Having many national and international tournament Champions our instructors exemplify the power of achieving goals. Whether in their martial arts training, personal, scholastic, or professional lives, the skills learned are vital in setting and realizing their goals.

Our students utilize their skills to achieve personal goals, Whether at home, school or professionally, our students obtains their goals through putting into practice the basics. Dedication, commitment, and focus, these elements adhered to daily are the corner stones to realizing their goals. Each goal attained whether small or large, strengthens their confidence and provides the encouragement for even greater aspirations



Starting as young as three years old, children learn a strong foundation that serves them in training, school and home. Each class works their mind and body, creating a positive environment for growth.



Training the mind and body, Champion Eyes adult classes offer the best of both! Physically and mentally exhilarating, our instructors stress proper technique, with attention to detail.

Cardio & Kickboxing

Champion Eyes’ cardio kickboxing classes combine the artistry of martial arts with body sculpting fitness.Taught by black belt instructors, our clients learn to throw punches, kicks and blocks.

Yamashita-Matayoshi Kobudo

Beside empty hand combat, the Okinawans also began the practice of Kobudo (weapons).

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