Be a part of a positive fitness culture and community that is passionated, determined, and supportive. Let Cardio Brío take your cardio to the next level with our innovative class style and welcoming open-air studio. Lose weight and build lean muscle in our Cardio Brío class, or learn high energy kicking and striking in our co-ed Cardio Kickboxing class.

We offer two specialized Cardio Brío classes that incorporate Yoga, Barre, Core and Strength Conditioning. We also offer one Cardio Kickboxing class that introduces strikes, kicks and proper foundation for boxing, while strengthening and conditioning.

Cardio Brío is a specialized cardio boutique in Carlsbad catering to those who want a revolutionary way to cardio. Our classes are a creative blend of Yoga, Barre, Core, and Strength designed with style and performance in mind and led with enthusiasm and energy. In other words, we live life with Brío!

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Katie, our instructor, developed a uniquely vibrant workout style over years of training in karate and cardio. In each Cardio Brío class, she inspires a positive attitude on health and fitness. When not in the studio or dojo, she loves to be active with her husband and two kids, exploring the beaches and nature in beautiful Carlsbad.

Cardio Class: With an innovative combo of Yoga, Barre, Aerobic and Core Strength, this beginner level class will help you grow lean muscle, build endurance and keep you burning calories all day long.

Start with a dynamic warmup set to upbeat music, engage each muscle in a full body workout, then cool down with relaxing yoga-inspired stretches.

Cardio Kickboxing: We incorporate cardio intervals between kickboxing exercises to help you build lean muscle and release stress. This class is for beginners who want to learn about kicking, striking and basic boxing techniques.

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